Say Goodbye to

Losing Track

From tracking your weights, to tracking your weight.  With the COACH app you can track not only your exercise routines, but also your diet and sensor data from fitness products.

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Membership Management

Manage all aspects of your membership from one place.

Class Booking

Book a slot at any of our 200 classes per month directly from your smart phone.

Fitness Wearables

From Apple Watches to Fitbits and Garmins.  Sync your fitness tracker to your app.

Key To The Club

QR Code generator to access the club quickly and efficiently.

Simplify your workout and nutrition tracking in one place.

Nutrition tracking with over 100,000 products.  Tracking your daily intake of food has never been easier.  Create a nutrition plan, or speak to one of our Personal Trainers for a personalised meal plan to meet your needs.

Access to thousands of 3D animated exercises to perfect your form.  Hundreds of metrics allow you to keep tabs on your progress, no matter what the goal is.  Integrate wearables for an even easier experience.

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Get it on the Android play store Get it on the Apple App store